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Hello TeamMates+ Mentors and WELCOME to your TeamMates+ Mentoring Dashboard! We want to thank you again for your willingness to serve as one of our TeamMates+ Mentors! To ensure that we are providing quality and consistent mentoring, we would like each TeamMates+ Mentor to complete monthly documentation. This is the only way that we can keep track of the number of face-to-face meetings and other forms of contact that you have each month with your mentee. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact Jaci McKeever at 

Please click the apply button in the middle of the screen to access/create your account. Thanks again, and "
Together we transform lives"!

DeMoine Adams, Program Director
TeamMates Mentoring Program

Jaci McKeever, TeamMates+ Mentoring Coordinator
TeamMates Mentoring Program