Fund Details


  • ­The applicant must have been active in the TeamMates (TM) program for a minimum of THREE years.
  • ­TM applicants can only submit a Central Office scholarships once. First ­time TM applicants are eligible to apply up until the age of 25 years.
  • ­All scholarship applications must be COMPLETED and submitted by JANUARY 15th 2019 NO LATER than 10:59 Central Standard Time (CST) in order to be considered for review by the TM scholarship committee.
  • ­If awarded a TM Central Office scholarship, the TM applicant must be accepted for admission and be registered for classes to the post-­secondary school indicated on the scholarship application no later than August 1st, 2019 in order to receive the scholarship. All scholarship payments are either paid directly to the post-­secondary school or paid directly by the post-secondary school.
  • All TM scholarship winners will receive an via e-mail award letter beginning in February stating that “you have been chosen to receive one of our TM Central Office scholarships to continue your post-secondary education”. Your TM Program Coordinator and TM Mentor will also be notified via e-mail and by mail. To accept the TM Central Office scholarship awarded, mentees must go to the link that will be provided in their via e-mail award letter and complete the acceptance form NO LATER than Friday, March 1st 2019. Scholarship winners who do not accept their TeamMates Central Office Scholarship by Friday, March 1st 2019 will lose their scholarship privilege and it will be awarded to the next applicant with the highest score in that scholarship category.
If you have any additional questions or concerns during the scholarship application process, please contact DeMoine Adams at or at (402) 318-­8346. 

Application Information:

The TeamMates Mentoring Program will award an unlimited number of scholarships for TM applicants who meet the criteria of the following scholarships: Concordia University Guarantee TM scholarship, Doane College TM scholarship, Hastings College TM scholarship, College of Saint Mary Academic Merit TM scholarship, Creighton University TM scholarship, Nebraska Wesleyan TM scholarship, Briar Cliff University TM scholarship, York College TM scholarship, Mount Marty College TM scholarship, Fort Hays State University TM scholarship, and Midland University TM Scholarship.  In order to receive one of our UNLIMITED, NONCOMPETITIVE scholarships, applicants MUST score a minimum of 70 points.  Also, PLEASE NOTE that these scholarships CANNOT be combined with any additional scholarships offered by the school except for the Mount Marty College TM scholarship.  The other Central Office Scholarships are competitive but ALL applications will be screened for eligibility. The eligibility requirements will involve verifying the number of years in the TM program, post­-secondary school choice, and school registration & acceptance. 

When applying for our TM Central Office scholarships, you can select as many scholarship categories as you would like. However, you can only be awarded ONE scholarship. With the exception of UNLIMITED and NONCOMPETITIVE scholarships, TM applicants who score the most points in a scholarship category will be selected to receive one of our Central Office scholarships. Points are determined in the following areas:
  • ­Grade point average (GPA): 5 points
  • ­Class rank: 5 points
  • ­Essay questions (4): 80 points
  • ­References (1): 10 points
The highest score that an applicant can receive is 100. Scholarship applications submitted after the JANUARY 15th 2019 deadline will NOT be accepted and reviewed by our TM Scholarship Committee. If you have any additional questions or concerns during the scholarship application process, please contact DeMoine Adams at or at (402) 318-8346.  GOOD LUCK!!!

Begin Accepting Applications Date:
Deadline Date (EST Time Zone):
1/15/2019 11:59 PM